Andrew Weber is a writer of fiction & non-fiction. 

Photography courtesy of Brenton Salo



Author of original fiction in prose, comic and audio mediums.


Freelance writer and editor.


             Lies & Half Truths Podcast               Creator and Host


The Lies and Half Truths podcast is original short fiction written and performed by me. It's the best onramp to my personal creative work. 

The show bends and overlaps genres to create the sort of tales I've always wanted to hear. Talented musical contributors like McKenzie Stubbert help to make each episode rich and evocative.

I write, perform, record and edit every episode myself and I'm really proud of the work I've done for this show.



In Woodrow's world, the moon is shattered against the vaulted sky.

It serves as a constant reminder of his own broken life. At fifteen, he’s seen his father murdered and his hometown burned to the ground. He escaped the destruction on his genius father’s greatest invention, a mysterious airship.  But everywhere he goes, a bad reputation precedes him. Woodrow the Wicked, they call him. They say he killed his father and burned his town.

Woodrow is not without allies, such as they are: a self-interested feline pet, a “guardian” angel who does little to protect the boy (but has tried to kill him on one occasion), and a robotic golem--caring, but cowardly and mute. And then there’s Cassandra, a young pirate-in-training; she’s charming, but can she be trusted?

Now Woodrow and his crew find themselves pursued across a fantastic world by a family of aristocratic sociopaths bent on obtaining the ship for their own sinister gain. Will Woodrow become the wicked boy the world thinks he is? Or will he find  a way to rise above his reputation?

Tales of Amalthea

Tales of Amalthea is a master class in creature design from industry-leading concept artist Terryl Whitlatch. (You might know her work from a little film called Star Wars: Episode I.) The lessons are tied together by a narrative written by Gilbert Banducci. The idea is that students can read the story and then follow Whitlatch’s design steps to create fictional animals based on what they read.


I was brought on board to edit and restructure the lessons. I helped mold the curriculum into what it is today. I also re-wrote the narrative for style.


There were a number of talented people, who’s hard work made Tales of Amalthea possible. I would like to thank ArchWing Studios for giving me this opportunity.