PUMA Running Campaign


IYC Pitch Deck

IGNITE YOUR CITY was a film and photography series featuring "ten global running crews as they IGNITE their respective cities by pushing the bounds of their run with the IGNITE line of running and training shoes." I worked alongside Juliet Zulu's creative team to develop several of the film series' core concepts and I communicated the vision in the pitch deck. The #IGNITETokyo film turned out particularly well. Below you'll find excerpts from the pitch, including my original content.


UV Live Magazine burned brightly for a very short period of time. While it lasted, I had the privilege of telling the stories behind some genuinely interesting characters kicking around a small town. My favorite article that I did for the publication has to be Quasi Moto; it’s about a couple of friends who start a motorcycle merch company to raise money to beat a land speed record.


Internet Content Writing and Editing: Juliet Zulu Journal


I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is, as a writer, to work for people who are great storytellers in their own right. The Juliet Zulu team travels all over the world–and they bring back great stories and beautiful images.


       Read about JZ's  NYC trip                               Read about JZ's  Summer Retreat           All images in this post used with permission from  Juliet Zulu

       Read about JZ's NYC trip                    

       Read about JZ's Summer Retreat

       All images in this post used with permission from Juliet Zulu

For this job, I sat down with Juliet Zulu’s staff, depleted their liquor supply and listened to globe-trotting adventures for weeks on end. Not a bad gig. The biggest challenge was stringing together words evocative enough to do credit to the stunning imagery in each post.

Copywriting: PUMA Lab for Footlocker


Clients: PUMA for PUMA Lab


Agency: Juliet Zulu

Art Direction by Ji Qutub for Juliet Zulu

Art Direction by Ji Qutub for Juliet Zulu

Sometimes a job means you have to hustle. Art Director Ji Qutub and his crew spent I-don't-know-how-long designing a micro-site for PUMA's Footlocker partnership. It's slick. Navigates nicely. Have a look.

The weekend before the site was scheduled to go live, some key pieces of copy had still not been settled upon. The usual back and forth between PUMA, Footlocker and JZ had been going on for weeks. Nothing stuck. The copy had to work for everyone. I got the brief on Friday night- Male, 16-21, listens to grime, what have you- and I got to work. 

Straight From the Lab
The Next Step
New Definition of Style

On Sunday I sent over some options. They picked their favorites; no need for a second round. The site went live that Wednesday. 

Puma Lab

Research & Content Writing: Juliet Zulu Work Pages


For a relatively young company, Juliet Zulu has a lot of work under its belt. I worked alongside Creative Director, Zak Davis, to write content for their redesigned website- so I know this first hand. 



The job involved a fair amount of research for even the shortest articles. I needed to emulate Zak's voice for the sake of consistency and write from the perspective of a Juliet Zulu employee. This meant familiarizing myself with the work, researching JZ's clients and the clients' products and interviewing JZ's staff for personal details. 

I didn't write every article you'll find within JZ's work pages, but I'm willing to bet you'll have a hard time telling which ones I wrote and which ones were written by JZ.