LAHT Season 2! Coming Friday Dec. 11th!

At long last, I'm ready to announce season 2 of the Lies And Half Truths Podcast! Episode 1 of season 2 is coming this Friday, December 11th (as the title of this post has already indicated.) It's going to be a fun season--longer stories with cliffhangers and all sorts of craziness. You'll love it. We have a new theme song composed by Josiah Martens, too! You can here it in the above preview. Let us know what you think; you can email us at or tweet at me (@apweber). 

Also, I want to let you know about our first sponsor for the podcast: Flash Pulp. It's a fiction podcast. I'm not sure how they manage to do this, but they publish new episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday--and they're damn good stories. If you're enjoying Lies and Half truths, there's a good bet you'll like Flash Pulp. So check them out.