Season 2, Episode 6: Cephalopod Sign, Part 1

I wrote a book. It’s a fantasy adventure novel for young adults (or adults who still feel young) and it’s called The Adventures of Woodrow the Wicked. Now it’s not available yet, but it will be soon. I’ll keep you updated.

To celebrate the upcoming release of The Adventures of Woodrow the Wicked, I’m featuring the first section of the novel here on the podcast. It makes a great short story--which I’m calling “Cephalopod Sign.” I'll be releasing a new episode of the four-parter every two weeks. So keep listening!

This episode’s sponsor is author Cidney Swanson.

The music for this episode was provided by the McKenzie Stubbert

Josiah Martens wrote the Lies and Half Truths theme song.

Meg Weber produces the show, along with me, your host A.P. Weber.

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Photo by Brenton Salo

Photo by Brenton Salo