Season 2, Episode 9: Cephalopod Sign, Part 4

We’ve been taking you through Cephalopod Sign, the first part of my YA Fantasy novel, "The Adventures of Woodrow the Wicked." (Which, incidentally, is now available for download on Amazon and will be free from April 1st through April 5th.) At this point in the story, Woodrow has set the giant cephalopod against those rotten old salvagers, but has unwittingly endangered the life of his new friend, the mysterious pirate girl. Meanwhile, Tambroline has managed to steer clear of Iplio's wrath. But now what's god up to? And can Woodrow save his new friend before she’s drowned by the giant tentacled monster? Will he be eaten by the monster himself? There's only on way to find out: listen to the fourth and final episode of Cephalopod Sign!

The music for this episode was provided by the McKenzie Stubbert

Josiah Martens wrote the Lies and Half Truths theme song.

Meg Weber produces the show, along with me, your host A.P. Weber.

Cover by Lance MacCarty and Ivan Vidovic

Cover by Lance MacCarty and Ivan Vidovic